Who’s who?

The camp is staffed with experienced professionals skilled in relating to young people. Most are practising musicians at a professional or amateur level. A dedicated Pastoral Team includes trained teachers and people with nursing or first-aid qualifications. Health & Safety policies are carefully monitored, and there are specified adults on duty at all times throughout the week, including a dedicated Health Team. The current full list of Staff may be found here.

Many choristers come year after year and progress in their later teens to the role of Junior Leader then (for some) Senior Adviser. There is also space for some ‘Senior Singers’ – choristers who want to keep on coming to Camp as young adults and who are most welcome, both as old friends and as valued helpers.

The camp is governed by a Board of Trustees which meets annually in November and has overall responsibility for the governance of the camp. Chaired by the Dean of Carlisle, the Board comprises senior members of the Church, leading musicians, representatives of the local area and of the Markham family, and members of the Camp staff.

The Camp is endorsed by the Royal School of Church Music which runs chorister courses across the country.

Senior Staff

David Jones Chair of Staff

Stephen Keogh General Manager

Cathy Martin Administrator

Carrie Thompson Chaplain & Safeguarding Lead

Don Gillthorpe Director of Church Music

Oliver Tarney Director or Concert Music

Simon Gordon House Parent

Alice Toynton House Parent


Catherine Beddison Chair of the Trustees

The Ven Stewart Fyfe Vice Chair

Mark Duthie Trustee

Marilyn Prescott Trustee

Cathy Martin Trustee

Nick Wilmer Trustee

Frances Yeowart Trustee