The Music

We perform both religious and secular music, ensuring the mixture of music is fun and engaging for all ages.

Church Music:
We prepare to sing four church services through the week:

  • Compline (Wednesday evening), a calm reflective mid-week evening service for the whole camp – either a traditional plainsong Compline or a Taiz√©-style service comprising a series of chants and multi-lingual readings.
  • Evensong in Carlisle Cathedral (Friday afternoon), a highlight of the week for many in this beautiful building.
  • Eucharist in St Lawrence’s, Morland (Sunday morning) , for which the whole Camp sings in procession through the village.
  • Final Evensong in St Lawrence’s, Morland (Sunday afternoon), preceded by an Organ Recital performed by choristers and staff.

The church music sung embraces a wide variety of periods and styles and composers – the church music list since 1980 may be found here.

Concert Music:
The first half is usually a series of short items and the second half a longer work. Composers represented include Richard Rodney Bennett, Gilbert & Sullivan, Joseph Horovitz, Michael Hurd, Robin Nelson (in particular his highly successful Arts Council funded musical ‘Lindisfarne’), Rice/Lloyd Webber, John Rutter, Peter Skellern, Richard Stilgoe, Malcolm Williamson – and a number of works specially written or arranged for the Morland Camp by the Directors of Music, including works by Oliver Tarney and Maclolm Archer.

A list of the main concert items since 1991 may be found here.

Here is a lo-res MP3 sample (1.12mb) of the 2003 Carlisle evensong processional hymn: