Funeral and Thanksgiving Service for the Life of Canon Gervase Markham

In accordance with Canon Markham’s wishes, a short solemn Funeral Service at the grave side was followed immediately by a Service of Thanksgiving in the church, which the Canon had stipulated should be “of a joyful nature”. The service was relayed to an overflow tent in the churchyard.

The coffin was placed on the same garden rolley upon which Freddy Markham had been carried to his grave in 1948. The long procession of crucifer, choir, clergy, family and friends moved from Morland House through the village to the church gates. There it was met by the Rector, and the coffin transferred to six bearers who carried it to the graveside. On top of the coffin was the crucifix picked up by Canon Markham in the desert following the Battle of Alamein in 1942.

After the committal: Chorale from Bach’s St Matthew Passion sung by choir and congregation
Be near me, Lord, when dying,
O part not thou from me!
And to my succour flying,
Come, Lord, and set me free!
And when my heart must languish
In death’s last awful throe,
Release me from mine anguish,
By thine own pain and woe.

Clergy, choir and people enter the church by the north door for:

The Service of Thanksgiving

Hymn: Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour (Tune: St Helen, last verse arr. Richard Walker)

Reading: When I am dead (Christina Rossetti)
read by Anjali Singh, granddaughter

Reading: AV St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, chapter 8, v 31-end
read by Frances Dennys, daughter

Tribute: Freddy Markham, son (may be viewed or downloaded here)

Hymn: Glory to Thee, my God, this night (Tune: Tallis’s Canon, last verse sung in 4-part canon by the congregation and choir)
directed by Vicky Singh, daughter

Reading: AV 1 Corinthians 15, vv 20-26, 51-58
read by Gervase R Markham, grandson

Sermon: The Rt Revd Alec Graham, formerly Bishop of Newcastle

The Apostles’ Creed

Prayers of Penitence: The Rector

Funeral Sentence set to music by Henry Purcell and sung by a small group:
Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts;
shut not thy merciful ears unto our prayer;
but spare us, Lord most holy, O God most mighty,
O holy and most merciful Saviour, thou most worthy judge eternal,
suffer us not, at our last hour, for any pains of death, to fall from thee.

Prayers of Intercession led by the Ven Colin Stannard (formerly Archdeacon of Carlisle and Gervase’s first curate at Grimsby in 1952) ending with 5-part Amen by William Smith

The Lord’s Prayer

Final Chorale from Bach’s St John Passion sung by the choir:
Ah! Lord, when my last end is come,
Bid angels bear my spirit home
To Abraham’s bosom going;
My flesh, laid in the quiet tomb,
Shall sleep until the day of doom,
Nor pain nor sorrow knowing.
Then, waking from that dark abode,
Mine eyes shall see Thee face to face
In boundless joy, O Son of God,
My Saviour and my throne of grace.
Lord Jesu Christ, give ear to me, give ear to me,
Who bring unending praise to Thee.

The Commendation: The Rector

Festal Te Deum (Morning Service in B flat: C V Stanford) sung by the choir

The Blessing: The Rt Revd Graham Dow, Lord Bishop of Carlisle

Hymn: Thine be the glory, risen, conquering Son (Tune: Maccabaeus, last verse arrangement including descant and three trumpets written for this service)

Organ Voluntary Prelude and Fugue “St Anne” in E flat, BWV 522 (J S Bach)


Retiring Collection divided between Morland Church and BibleLands, a charity devoted to Christian work in the Middle East. Cheques may be sent c/o C Lowis, Glenrowan, High Street, Morland, Penrith CA10 3AS.

Tea and refreshments at Morland House


Officiant: The Revd Simon Rudkin, Rector of Morland
Director of Music: Martyn Ford
Organist: Daniel Cook, Salisbury Cathedral

Rolley Pullers: Roger Bird, Harold Brennand, Colin Duncan, Martin Chapplehow, Philip Chapplehow, Ken Horne, John Parker, Gary Strong, Stephen Wilson, Chris Wood

Bearers: Harold Brennand, Martin Chapplehow, Arthur Markham, Francis Markham, Anand Singh, Stephen Wilson

Crucifer: Tom Morris

Ian Butterworth
Daniel Brett
Cath Savage

Semi Chorus:
Sophie Baird, Catherine Beddison, Laura Sutherland
Joe Bolger, Cath Prescott
Mike Landshoff, Oliver Tarney
Donald Gillthorpe, Simon Gordon, Kenderik Horne