2019 Entry Form: age 18 or over

This Entry Form is for choristers who will be
aged 18 or over on August 1st

This Entry Form asks for a fair amount of information so we suggest that before you start to fill in this form you check through to see what information you will need – unfortunately it is not yet possible to save part-completed forms.

If you have any doubts or queries when completing this form, please contact the camp’s Admin Team (by email: admin@morland.org.uk or Cathy Martin: 07507 764683)

You must give an answer to any question marked with a red asterisk. (*)

Pre-Camp Registration Form 2019 (for choristers over-18)

PART 1 - Details of the person attending Camp

(as you want to be called at Camp - this is the name which, with your surname, will be printed on Camp lists and your Name Badge)
A copy of the information given on this form will be automatically emailed to this address.
Please check that the information we currently hold for you in relation to this year's Camp is still correct - you should recently have received an email which included all that information (if you have not received such an email please contact one of the admin team urgently - admin@morland.org.uk or Cathy Martin: 07507 764683).
Please indicate clearly in the box below what information needs to be amended. (i.e. from what to what)
Please let us know here if you think you may be arriving late or leaving early giving full details.
Please let us know the details of any corrections and amendments
(the "Joining Instructions" can also be accessed on the camp website))
We have a large number of seniors attending Camp this year and only have use of one bunk room in the barn for seniors so space may be tight. We would therefore like to encourage you to be proactive and organise sharing tents and coordinate who will be accommodated in the one 8-bed bunk room between yourselves. Please let us know as a group how this be organised in advance of Camp.
Please note that space is very limited this year, so please organise between yourselves to share tents where possible. You may confirm details after submitting this form if required.
Space is very limited in the village and Seniors are encouraged only to bring cars if absolutely necessary. If you do bring a car, please note you must not park for long periods in the village square or at Morland House. You may drive the car whilst at camp only by special arrangement with a member of Staff; and may only give lifts to choristers aged under 18 in exceptional circumstances approved specifically by a House Parent - in which case you must ensure that the car is insured for that use, that you must adhere strictly to the “no alcohol” principle, and that the vehicle is properly roadworthy and you adhere to the law in all respects of your driving.

PART 2 - Attendance at events

We greatly appreciate the support of parents, families and friends who are able to attend the services, concert and lunch and prizegiving on the final Friday/Saturday/Sunday of Camp, some travelling long distances to get there.

Everyone will be most welcome at the church services (no booking required) which are Choral Evensong in Carlisle Cathedral on Friday at 5.45pm, CA3 8TZ (please note there is no parking available in the Cathedral grounds, Parish Eucharist in Morland Church on Sunday at 10.15am, CA10 3AZ (preceded by the choristers singing in robed procession down the High Street from the Village Hall) and Choral Evensong in Morland Church on Sunday at 3.30pm.

For the Concert on Saturday evening and Lunch and Prizegiving on Sunday afternoon we no longer sell tickets but we do invite donations on the day at each event – and your generosity will be appreciated ans much as your support in attending! To help us plan seating and refreshments, could you give us an indication of likely numbers attending below:

...at Penrith Methodist Church, Wordsworth Street, CA11 7QY.
Anticipated numbers:
...at Morland School and Village Hall, CA10 3AT.
Anticipated numbers:
Family and Friends of Morland Camp are invited to sing Evensong in Carlisle Cathedral on Saturday 3rd August. This year’s service will be lead by Andrew Sackett, rehearsal from approx. 10.30am, service at 3.00pm (please note this earlier that previous years). Further details will be emailed to you but please do indicate here if anyone intends to come.
Anticipated numbers:

PART 3 - Balance of fees

The remaining balance you need to pay (if any) has been confirmed by email and is now due. If you have not had this confirmation, please contact one of the admin team (admin@morland.org.uk / 07507 764683)

The full fee for the 2019 camp is £340, the deposit is now non-returnable, the balance of fee is due and it becomes non-returnable if I withdraw.
You can pay your final balance, which has been emailed to you, either by bank transfer: Sort Code 40-52-40 (CAF Bank), Account 00022528 (Morland Choristers Camp) or by debit or credit card (please note that a small card processing charge of 1.5% applies to payments by credit or debit card)

PART 4 - Emergency contacts during camp week

In case Camp staff need during the week of Camp to contact your Next-of-Kin, please give contact details here.

This may include home, work, mobile and also a local number if they are travelling from further afield to be in the Morland area for the end of Camp.

(07507 764683 / admin@morland.org.uk)

PART 5 - Health & Safety

It is important that Camp staff are made aware of any medical condition that you have, or other situation affecting your well-being, with details of any medication, special diet or other action that might be required. This includes any allergies or sensitivity to particular foods or chemicals, even if not life-threatening. It is also helpful to know of conditions that are occasional rather than constant. Excitement, tiredness or unfamiliar surroundings can sometimes exacerbate these. Even where it is not possible to stop them occurring, knowing of them in advance will make dealing with them easier.

We particularly ask you to tell us of recent exposure to infections or other conditions that are liable to be spread when choristers are in close proximity day and night for a week. Where exposure has occurred we expect your GP or other relevant authority to have been consulted, to confirm that it is appropriate for the chorister to attend the Camp and that the risk of spread when in Morland is minimal. Please give us details of the opinion of your GP or other authority if this situation arises. Information on recent exposure is also important information for the Camp staff and our local medical practitioners if a chorister becomes unwell while at Morland. Please inform the Camp’s Admin Team (07507 764683 or  admin@morland.org.uk) if any exposure arises after completing this form.

(07507 764683 / admin@morland.org.uk)

If there are any home circumstances that might cause you to feel worried or concerned during Camp – for example some issue at school or a family illness – it would be helpful for Camp to be made aware of this. Such information would of course be treated sensitively. [The Camp staff includes qualified teachers, First Aiders, a nurse and other people experienced in looking after children.]

PART 6 - Additional comments, checking and submitting


Please be sure to click on the Submit button above. It may take a few minutes to process so please be patient – please only press Submit once.

If any parts of the form then show red error messages please be sure to deal with them.

Successful completion of the above form will result in you being transferred to the ‘Pay Deposit’ page. Only if you reach that page will the information you provided have reached us.

If you don’t get an email confirming that we have received your Entry Form (with a list of all the information you gave) within 2 hours of submitting the form, please check your spam folder, or contact the camp’s Admin Team (by email: admin@morland.org.uk or Cathy Martin: 07507 764683)


Choristers are asked to bring with them any non-prescription medication that they know they are likely to need during the week of Camp. However, the Camp keeps a stock of standard First Aid products (adhesive dressings, bandages, antiseptic wipes etc) and non-prescription medication (the current list of which is shown below). In Part 4 above (Health & Safety), parents/guardians/carers are invited to authorise Camp staff to administer general First Aid to the Chorister and to supply the listed medication products if required. Anything used would be administered in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  Please say clearly in Part 2 above if any First Aid or similar products or other medication is unacceptable or inappropriate for the chorister concerned. 

Morland Choristers’ Camp’s current list of standard non-prescription medication is:

For general pain relief: Paracetamol 500mg tablets/caplets or Ibuprofen or liquid Paracetamol (Calpol Six Plus).
For cough/sore throat: Halls Soothers (various flavours).
For dry cough & sore throat: Boots dry cough linctus (or similar).
For chesty cough: Boots chesty cough linctus (or similar).
For indigestion: Gaviscon Peppermint Liquid Relief (or similar).
For sun protection: Sun protection lotion (factor 30 or above).
For dry skin, itching, sunburn: E45 Dermatological Cream.
For chapped lips: Vaseline.
For skin rashes/irritation: Calamine Lotion.
For bites/stings: Boots Repel pump spray, Boots antihistamine cream.
For cuts/grazes: Savlon antiseptic cream.
For bruises: Arnica cream (Nelsons Arnicare).
For muscle pain: Boots Muscle Pain Relief.
For mouth ulcers: Boots Mouth Ulcer gel.

Morland Choristers’ Camp is a registered charity – Number 1104768