50th Anniversary Alumni Camp

Welcome to the registration process for the 50th Morland Choristers’ Camp – Alumni Camp (Wednesday 3rd August to Sunday 7th August 2022).

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PART 1 - About You

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Services will be robed however if you do not have access to choir robes, we ask that you wear smart Sunday dress (ie. shirt and suit or smart office wear or dress).

PART 2 - Alumni Camp Attendance

You are welcome to attend the Alumni Camp either as a singer or as an observer. Please confirm in which capacity you will be attending:
I confirm that I will be available to attend the Alumni Camp from the evening of Wednesday 3rd - Sunday 7th August.
All held at (at Newby End Farm)

PART 3 - Payment & Other Details

I note that the £60 contribution is now due and that when I press Submit at the end of this form I will be given options on how to pay it.
I note that photos/videos may be made at the Alumni Camp but that it is the Camp’s strict policy that photos/videos and public documents must not disclose contact details or personal information which might enable an individual to be identified. I undertake to contact the Camp’s organisers well in advance of the camp if I have any particular concerns on any of this.
For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016, I agree that information provided on this form and by other means may be stored and used for the purposes of organising the Camp; and that contact details, photographs and other selected data may be made available to staff, choristers and others in connection with Camp as considered appropriate by the organisers.

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If you don’t get an email confirming that we have received your Registration Form (with a list of all the information you gave) within 2 hours of submitting the form, please check your spam folder, or contact the camp’s Admin Team (by email: admin@morland.org.uk or or Cathy Martin: 07507 764683)