2021 Registration Form (Under 18) – Camp 2

This Pre-Camp Registration Form is for choristers aged under 18 who are taking part in Camp 2, Thursday 29th July – Sunday 1st August 2021.

All choristers who have applied to come to Camp this year must now complete the Pre-Camp Registration Form.

You also need to check the information we currently hold for you in relation to this year’s Camp and a copy of this has been sent to you via email.  That email also tells you what is the balance of the fee owing.

If you have not had the email, please contact one of the admin team (by email: admin@morland.org.uk or or Cathy Martin: 07507 764683)

You must give an answer to any question marked with a red asterisk. (*)

Pre-Camp Registration Form: Camp 2 2021 (for choristers under-18)

PART 1 - Details of chorister

(as the chorister wants to be called at Camp - this is the name which, with his/her surname, will be printed on Camp lists and on their Name Badge)
If you would like to display to your preferred personal pronouns on your badge, please enter them here.
Please first check that the information we currently hold for you in relation to this year's Camp is still correct - you should recently have received an email which included all that information (if you have not received such an email please contact one of the admin team urgently - admin@morland.org.uk or Cathy Martin: 07507 764683).
Please indicate clearly in the box below what information needs to be amended. (i.e. from what to what)
Arrival time is between 11.00am and 12.30pm on Thursday 29th July. We ask that you book an arrival time slot, for each chorister, online at https://www.trybooking.co.uk/BDXU.
Please provide further information regarding arriving time in order to facilitate a shuttle between Penrith and Morland
(the "Joining Instructions" document is also available on the camp website)

PART 2 - Attendance at events

We hope to be able to welcome parents and friends to Carlisle Cathedral Evensong (Friday) and the Concert (Saturday).  (The Sunday morning Eucharist at Morland will be the Parish service, but visitors from outside the parish will not be encouraged to attend.) We are currently awaiting announcements regarding the easing of social distancing or any continuing restrictions to indoor gatherings from 19th July. Once we receive relevant information, we will send out links in order to book your place(s). Visitors will be allowed into Morland Church and Carlisle Cathedral in accordance with their policies at the time. Even if we are able to have congregations/audiences, the ‘public events’ will be also videoed, and will either be live-streamed or recorded to be available at a later date. We will not be encouraging family and visitors to mix with choristers until the final day of Camp. We no longer sell tickets for any events. Instead, donations will be invited from those attending.

PART 3 - Balance of fees

Balance due
The remaining balance you need to pay (if any) has been confirmed by email and is now due. If you have not had this confirmation, please contact one of the admin team (by email: admin@morland.org.uk or Cathy Martin: 07507 764683)
The full fee for the 2021 camp is £180, the deposit is now non-returnable, the balance of fee is due and it becomes non-returnable if the chorister withdraws and the place cannot be filled.
You can pay your final balance, which has been emailed to you, either by bank transfer: Sort Code 40-52-40 (CAF Bank), Account 00022528 (Morland Choristers Camp) or by debit or credit card (please note that a small card processing charge of 1.5% applies to payments by credit or debit card)

PART 4 - Emergency contacts during camp week

(please put no-email@mcc.org.uk if an email address is really not available)
Please give us ALL phone numbers by which we might be able to contact the chorister's parent/guardian/carer during the week of Camp. This may include home, work, mobile and also a local number if you are travelling from further afield to be in the Morland area for the end of Camp.
If the Chorister's parent/guardian/carer might not be available during the week of Camp, please give details here of an alternative person who you are happy to delegate parental responsibility to. Please give his/her name, relationship to chorister (if any) and all emergency contact phone numbers during the week of Camp - which could include home, work, mobile and maybe a local number if they are travelling from further afield to be in the Morland area for the end of the Camp week.
(07507 764683 / admin@morland.org.uk)
(07507 764683 / admin@morland.org.uk)

PART 5 - Health & Safety

It is important that Camp staff are made aware of any medical condition that a chorister has, or other situation affecting his/her well-being, with details of any medication, special diet or other action that might be required. This includes any allergies or sensitivity to particular foods or chemicals, even if not life-threatening. It is also helpful to know of conditions that are occasional rather than constant. Excitement, tiredness or unfamiliar surroundings can sometimes exacerbate these. Even where it is not possible to stop them occurring, knowing of them in advance will make dealing with them easier.
We particularly ask you to tell us of recent exposure to infections or other conditions that are liable to be spread when choristers are in close proximity day and night for a week. Where exposure has occurred we expect a chorister's local GP or other relevant authority to have been consulted, to confirm that it is appropriate for the chorister to attend the Camp and that the risk of spread when in Morland is minimal. Please give us details of the opinion of your local GP or other authority if this situation arises. Information on recent exposure is also important information for the Camp staff and our local medical practitioners if a chorister becomes unwell while at Morland. Please inform the Camp's Admin Team (07507 764683 or admin@morland.org.uk) if any exposure arises after completing this form.
(07507 764683 / admin@morland.org.uk)
All Choristers, Seniors, and Staff will have to demonstrate two negative COVID-19 rapid lateral flow tests in the week before Camp, sending proof of results to admin@morland.org.uk on Thursday 22nd July and Monday 26th July. Anyone getting a positive lateral flow test will have to take a PCR test before coming to Camp. In addition, a further test must be taken on arrival (or, in the case of those travelling by train or travelling a considerable distance, before embarking on the journey) and a positive result will mean the individual cannot join Camp. Everyone will also be asked to fill in a COVID-19 self-check health form prior to Camp. Everyone will also be asked to fill in a COVID-19 self-check health form prior to Camp.
If there are any home circumstances that might cause a chorister to feel worried or concerned during Camp - for example some issue at school or a family illness - it would be helpful for Camp to be made aware of this. Such information would of course be treated sensitively. [The Camp staff includes qualified teachers, First Aiders, a nurse and other people experienced in looking after children.]

PART 6 - Additional comments, checking and submitting

A copy of the information given on this form will be automatically emailed to this address.
Or alternatively you may send it by email to the Camp's Admin Team (admin@morland.org.uk).

Please be sure to click on the Submit button just above here and if any parts of the form then show red error messages please be sure to deal with them.

If you don’t get an email confirming that we have received your Pre-Camp Registration Form (with a list of all the information you gave) within 2 hours of submitting the form, please check your spam folder, or contact the camp’s Admin Team (by email: admin@morland.org.uk or Cathy Martin: 07507 764683)

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