A Typical Day

The morning rehearsals start with informal prayers, and include breaks and sectional coaching as well as the lively full practices in church.

Afternoon activities are outdoors whenever possible and, in addition to the ever-popular dam-building and Morland’s version of Sports Day, can include an optional swimming trip and a ‘Wide Game’ in the local area – which in recent years has seen re-enactments of many famous stories and films including Harry Potter, Robin Hood, Scooby Doo and Star Wars.

Practices for the concert take place in the evening, and the day ends with a voluntary devotional service in the church.

There are musical and non-musical events each day that count towards the Challenge Cup, which is awarded at the final Sunday prize-giving to the Group that has amassed the most points (each group comprising mixed-age teams of boys and of girls, plus Junior Leaders and a Senior Adviser).

At the end of the week the pattern changes, with a service of Choral Evensong in Carlisle Cathedral on the Friday, the concert in Penrith on the Saturday, then on the Sunday two services in Morland Church and lunch and prize-giving.